venerdì 27 settembre 2013

STELLA JEAN spring-summer 2014

Stella Jean is the young talent chosen by King George to be hosted at the Teatro Armani. His brilliant collection contains a cultural mix that well summarizes the origins of the designer: from Haiti to Italy. Her style is colorful, almost dazzling, the ethnic prints on dresses 60s, with taste and contrasts. Caribbean handkerchief on his head, long skirts in mermaid yellow lines juxtaposed with red-checkered shirts, trench coat printed with abstract floral patterns, palmettes pants, blazers in other fantasy flowers on his head, Cuban men's shirts and skirts. A fashion "controcolonizzatrice" who has conquered all, since 2011, when Stella won the competition Who's on Next.

The "Wax & Stripes Phylosophy" (the signature element of the collections of Stella Jean is cotton dyed and printed wax, ed), pin all HIS work, professes and projects the culture of encounter never negotiate their membership , in an admixture that deeply responds to the needs of the times. She intend fashion as a license fee of language, the vehicle of a counter-colonization, which, through a stylistic and geographic direction, helps to redress the balance between symbols, stories and different worlds. A mixture that does not stray into caricature or parody ever, always remembering that knowledge and respect can never be subordinated to the latitude, but should be a priority.

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  1. Meravigliosa questa collezione, adoro questa esplosione di colori e il mix di stampe!!!!
    Baci cara!