martedì 23 luglio 2013

Milan men fashion week spring summer 2014 day 2


Leather Debut–Gaia Trussardi’s first menswear outing for the label, interestingly enough, leather stole the show for the spring/summer 2014 collection as she took the Trussardi man on a desert expedition. 
trussardi-spring-summer-2014-collection-0005trussardi-spring-summer-2014-collection-0027trussardi-spring-summer-2014-collection-0026trussardi-spring-summer-2014-collection-0021trussardi-spring-summer-2014-collection-0011Salvatore Ferragamo

Ferragamo Revision–Themes of “classical antiquity” merge with references of the 1930s for Massimiliano Giornetti’s spring/summer 2014 outing for Italian label Salvatore Ferragamo. Circling around the concept of male beauty, sports prowess and leisure, a colorful collection comes together with great relaxed shapes. 

salvatore-ferragamo-spring-44salvatore-ferragamo-spring-33salvatore-ferragamo-spring-32salvatore-ferragamo-spring-38salvatore-ferragamo-spring-26salvatore-ferragamo-spring-20salvatore-ferragamo-spring-22salvatore-ferragamo-spring-18Vivienne Westwood

The English OutsiderVivienne Westwood is drawn to India for the inspiration of her spring/summer 2014 collection. Viewing Indian culture as an outsider with romantic impressions of the photos, relics and stories contained by museums, color and relaxed proportions came into play. Ideal for the brand of Westwood eclecticism, vibrant prints, borrowing from Persia and Morocco contributed to a colorful undertaking of menswear, painting with great character oversize tunics, graphic shirts, relaxed jackets and more.

Celebrating Sixty–The scenic landscapes of West Africa inspire the spring/summer 2014 collection of Missoni. Celebrating their sixtieth anniversary, the Italian label revisits their heritage and iconic knitwear for an outing that resonates with charm and style. For the special occasion, Angela Missoni collaborated with Hancock of Scotland to create a unique knit of rubber coated yarn for overcoats and short parkas that added to the element of adventure.
Menacing Holiday–Miuccia Prada’s man searches for leisure with her spring/summer 2014 collection. Juxtaposed with militaristic undertones, the lineup contrasts somber hues against bright Hawaiian prints. Balancing structured 3-button suits and double-breasted blazers against layered knits and shirts that bring to mind the sartorial skater.

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