mercoledì 29 febbraio 2012

lost in paradise of jimmy choo!

Many of you dear readers and followers already know that, for my bad luck i was involved in fashion week just for one day.The first appointment was at the showroom of JIMMY CHOO for the presentation of the new collection FALL-WINTER  2012/2013.I thank all the staff and office press because allowed me to shoot these wonderful photos and have had the chance to live this experience.This collection has been disegned for strong women,career women but also young women who know how to have fun with fashion.A beautiful collection in wich nothing is missing,high quality of leather,glitter,leopard and snake print,strong colors,a lot of fur handbag.I personally like the glitter camperos and the black boots with fur.I had acces to the entire showroom to take pictures and belive me i felt like a kid in to the candy store,lost in paradise....

domenica 26 febbraio 2012

milan fashion week woman fall winter 2012-2013

I always wanted to go  at fashion week and this year i got it up and i went to Milan.For various reasons i was for only one day.The calendar that i chose at the beggining it was impossible and i had to chose between various appointments.I started the day working with the presentation of new collection autumn winter 2012/2013 by Jimmy Choo,where i had access to the whole show room to do all the pictures i wanted.then i went to take pictures of street style in front of the entrance of Emporio Armani show.I have seen Anna dello Russo editor at large and creativ consultant  of Vogue Japan,Corine Roitfield was editor in chief of Vogue Paris,Angelo Flaccavento fahion writer and a lot of famous blogger like Garance Dore,The Sartorialist,Brianboy,Jack and Jill blog and the italian blogger like Veronica Ferarro The fashion fruit,Scent of Obssesion Nicoletta Reggio.After that i went to take pictures in the front of the Sport Max show and there i saw Giovanna Bataglia edito in chief Vogue paris,The blond salad,Chiara Feragni,Tokio Fashion.The last appointment was Massimo Rebecchi show participating in the backstage,i see all the preparation before the show and the show.the presentation was wonderful.the clothes are very beautiful and easy to wear and match.T
he fabrics used are silk and lace for evening dress and whool macrame for  the day.It was a colorful collection using warm colors like yellow,orange,burgundy,pink,green.

the all day was wonderful and i think i live a unique experience that allowed me to explore the worl of fashion.Is very difficult to do full time blogger,for me is like a full time second job.

domenica 19 febbraio 2012

vintage sweater

saturday morning after an evening spent in the company of a  friend of mine talking about a little of everithing and enjoying various cocktails i chose to wear these black gaudi skinny jeans,my mother vintage sweater and a pair of braun boots similar at timbarland,my vintage furla bag.i needed a confortable outfit because i had to study and do many pre commission.

domenica 12 febbraio 2012

M.I.A. - Bad Girls

love this girl!she is born in sry lanka but she lives in uk.this video cost 1 million dollars and was shot in marocco.she colaborated with madonna,jay-z.m.i.a have a great style!

mercoledì 8 febbraio 2012

look snow

I went downtown to Formigine(Modena) to make some pictures in castle courtyard .To much snow!!!!!!!!!I used my hunter boots because are the only one can i get when the snow is so high.My husband  wears timberland and sisley jacket.