mercoledì 25 novembre 2015

Bill Cunningham New York - Documentary, Biography movie

"I'm not saying what I think, I say what I see": Photographer, forerunner of modern fashion blogger and columnist for over 40 years the NY Times, Bill Cunningham started in 1978 to publish his first photos of the famous New York paper portraying stars like Greta Garbo. Since then, touring bike to Manhattan every day, has immortalized the New York society, always attentive to new fashion trends that can tell with a style unico.Un use of the camera very personal and an unquenchable curiosity towards the human spectacle that preserves even now, at eighty years he played.And on the road, in fact, that William J. Cunningham has found its natural place, photographing the way ordinary people and customize goes, wore clothes from the catwalk and the luxury and extravagance of the great personality: these two interests are born his two columns, "On the street", and "Evening Hours", which tell precisely the style on the sidewalks and in the events of the high life in Manhattan.

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